13 behaviors that hurt “liver”

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The liver is an important organ in the body and performs more than 500 functions such as detoxification, blood purification, converting nutrients into energy. Storage of vitamins and minerals, etc., because the liver is so important. We should therefore turn to take care of liver health and stop behaviors that harm the liver as follows: ทางเข้า ufabet

drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

We all know that alcohol has a bad effect on the liver. The more you drink, the more it hurts your liver. If you want to be a healthy person, drink in moderation. But if your family history has a food alcoholism. or liver disease You should avoid them and drink them in small amounts.

not drinking enough water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is something we’ve been learning for a long time. Not drinking enough water can affect the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins. If the liver loses moisture, it will not work properly. and also puts you at risk of getting sick Therefore, drink the amount of water your body needs and it should be from a clean water source.


In addition to affecting the lungs, it can also affect the liver. Smoking can cause liver cancer and also cause free radicals that attack the body as well.


The consequence of being overweight is the build up of fat in the liver. cause fatty liver Even if you don’t drink alcohol, eating too much fat will affect your liver just like alcohol. Choosing to eat wholesome foods can solve this problem.

eating too much sugar

Nowadays, there are more campaigns about sugar consumption. Talking about the penalty of sugar and recommend the amount that should be consumed per day But you may not know that sugar can cause disease. While the cells in the body can metabolize glucose. But is the only organ capable of eliminating fructose. Therefore, if we eat foods that contain too much fructose, it can damage the liver. We should avoid syrups, sodas, pastries, etc. and instead consume fruit.

Eat Foods That Raise Blood Sugar or a big meal before going to bed

The livers works at night. Therefore, eating a large meal Before going to bed will cause to work harder. Try eating carrots or beetroot for dinner to help your livers flush out toxins.

trans fat consumption

if you have excess cholesterol You may have heard doctors recommend avoiding trans fats. Trans fats increase your cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Bakery, snacks, popcorn, and fries all contain trans fats. Therefore, it should be avoided or consumed less so that the livers does not have to work hard.

having sex in an unsafe way

Unsafe sex is more harmful to your than you might think. It puts you at risk of contracting hepatitis. which can be contacted sexually There are three types of hepatitis, Types A, B, and C. The type to be cautious of is type B, which can spread through direct blood contact. or other bodily fluids

Take supplements or herbs.

Supplements and herbs taken in excess can harm. Even though some items are claimed to be purely natural. It can negatively affect. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins. If the supplements or herbs you are taking contain unsafe ingredients, they will make your liver work harder.

Too stressed and tired

Accumulated stress and fatigue are unhealthy. especially with the liver A study from the University of Edinburgh, published in the Journal of Gastroenterology, found that people with distress, anxiety, and depression were more likely to die from disease. In medicine, it is found that these symptoms are linked. which most people do not know that emotions affects the energy of the liver

little exercise

even if you are not fat but should exercise Exercising will help you stay strong. It also helps the to do the job of eliminating toxins in the body as well.

Too reliant on pharmacists

When we have a headache, fever, muscle pain, many people choose to buy medicine to take by themselves. But the fact that these drugs, if consumed or used frequently It can be toxic. These medications pass through the and can cause damage.

Not checking liver health

We tend to focus on heart and cholesterol. At the time of the physical examination, they will choose a checkup program that has the option to check the heart and cholesterol as well. Therefore, he did not pay attention to liver health examination. In fact, the liver is just as important as any other organ. Try to check how our liver values ​​are.