How to care for your skin during winter

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How to care for your skin during winter.

After we have to meet The weather has been hot for a long time. As we enter the end of the year It may make many people feel refreshed. The weather is cool. Because of the cold wind that came through But do you know that The temperature drops During that winter It results in moisture. Available in our skin has decreased as well. This is considered to be an important cause that causes dry skin, cracked skin, flaky skin, and subsequent itching.         

Then we will have a way to take care of the skin. In the winter, how to come back moisturized and hydrated as usual? Let’s see.

1. Drink water to add moisture to the skin.

When we start to feel that our own skin is dry, cracked, scaly, and starting to itch. Don’t be complacent. You should drink enough water each day to meet your needs. To allow water to enter and nourish dry skin. From the loss of moisture, it helps the skin to become hydrated. Get the same We can also Drink warm beverages such as warm water mixed with lemonade, cocoa, or hot tea often during the winter. It will be another way to help nourish and make the skin feel fresh. You can do it from within.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits that have a high water content.

Friends, did you know that eating vegetables and fruits that have a lot of water, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, kiwis, watermelon, and cantaloupe, is another way? that helps restore moisture It’s very good for dry skin because in these juicy fruits and vegetables. Contains important nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C (Vitamin C) and antioxidants (Antioxidants) that will help nourish. Make our skin radiant and look healthier.

3. Avoid taking hot showers for a long time.

Friends, did you know that taking a hot shower for a long time is one of the causes? that causes skin loss Moisturizing is as good as going out and facing the cold wind. Quite outside. because of bathing in high temperatures The more It’s even more. It can only pull so much moisture away from the skin. natural oil that exists in our skin It will also be eliminated. Makes the skin dry. It’s more easy. It’s a good idea for girls to avoid it. It is better to take a long, high temperature bath during the winter.

4. Apply moisturizer (Moisturizer) or lotion (Lotion) to nourish dry and cracked skin.

Skin that has been exposed to cold winds for a long time will become dry, cracked, flaky, and accompanied by itching. We should nourish our body skin as well. Moisturizer (Moisturizer) or lotion (Lotion) rich in collagen (Collagen) or natural extracts such as mineral water, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, apply daily. It will help relieve dry, itchy skin and help restore our body skin. Come back full of water and smooth and soft to the touch.

5. Avoid wearing clothing that causes skin irritation.

during the winter We should avoid clothing that may cause Symptoms of irritation, dry and cracked skin, such as clothing made from coarse wool or clothing that contains chemical ingredients in the production process. Then turn to wear clothes Made from natural fibers instead, such as cotton, linen, or silk, which are breathable and comfortable to wear. Then wear a sweater over another layer. It will help preserve the skin. far away from us from irritation During the time when the skin is dry and cracked Very well