Agent reveals Rudiger always wanted to play for Real Madrid.

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Antonio Rudiger always had the intention of moving to play with Real Madrid. Until he ended up with the Whites in the football summer of 2022.

Zahr Senesi, Antonio Rudiger’s half-brother revealed to Relebo on Tuesday that. The Germany international had always dreamed of playing for Real Madrid until he ended up. with the Whites in the summer of 2022. Despite negotiations with Barcelona before that as well UFABET 

‘Moving to Madrid has always been his dream. When he tore his anterior cruciate ligament in Rome (2016). Real Madrid sent him a letter wishing him a speedy recovery and he said. ‘One day I will go to that club.’ He had just had a serious injury and no fear. And He only thinks about playing for the best team in the world. This is Antonio, in his worst moments, he will fight. There is no other choice.’

‘Real Madrid means a lot to Rudiger. He feels a huge responsibility when playing there. And He wanted to achieve his goal of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu and now he is achieving his goal.’

‘He was calm and crazy at the same time. In the most positive sense of the word He is an emotional leader. He knows when the team needs a joke and something positive. But it also knows when it needs to get the job done. Mix these things together and that’s what makes him special.’