Gerrard opposes the break, even talking to the doctor more than his wife

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard admits his team are still struggling with coronavirus. But he doesn’t want the mid-season to be suspended at this time, with

Chelsea having to cancel training on Sunday following the coronavirus pandemic, and Gerrard now admits to having to wait for the results of a PCR test today. Friday Before playing against Burnley today,

Gerrard said: “We continually talk to the Premier League. We let them know that we are in a sensitive situation.”

“Maybe I talk to my doctor more than my wife right now. It’s not much better “

” It makes you know yourself faced with a bigger challenge than in normal circumstances, “

” I’m sitting right here. We are ready and ready to go on the field. We look forward to getting on the field.”

“I think selfishly that Taking a break would be a bad idea. But I’m the one who misses everyone from the top to bottom in this league. Everyone is facing their own challenges. and have their own situation.”

“If it is in the interests of everyone in this league And we were told there would be a short break. We will follow the instructions. And do what we are told to do.”

“But at the moment, for us as a club. and from my personal point of view There is no reason to ask for a break, a break or say we can’t play.