Premier League set to set up dedicated team of VAR specialists

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The UFABET reports that referees’ chief Howard Webb is in the process of forming a group of specialists dedicated to VAR to increase refereeing accuracy.

They will also be looking for a new VAR manager, with Neil Swarbrick retiring at the end of the season, Adam Gale-Watts stepping up as technical director and Jon Moss becoming the next. Referee Director

Webb was the one who pushed for the change. As for VAR specialists, the focus is solely on the VAR function. Unlike the current referee rotation for VAR, PGMOL

statistics claim refereeing accuracy has improved since the World Cup mid-season break.

Mike Riley mid-season aiming to improve refereeing in England

VAR continued to be the subject of discussion for the inconsistency of refereeing, and this month Webb had to apologize to Brighton for the third time because did not award them the penalty they deserved.

Fans were puzzle over the weekend as to why Harry Maguire wasn’t caught for handball in the penalty area. During Manchester United’s win over Nottingham Forest,

West Ham United’s game against Arsenal was handballed by Michael Antonio. After the ball was shot. hit his arm

And in the same game Declan Rice was not caught for handball in the preceding moment that led to West Ham’s penalty

on Monday night. Der-Arnold No handball was caught in the lead up to Cody Gakpo’s opening goal.