Rio believes Eriksen can help enhance Bruno’s quality

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes the return of Christian Eriksen will enhance the quality of Bruno Fernandes

. Manchester United defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 on Sunday.

Rio Ferdinand believes the return of Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen from injury has allowed Bruno Fernandes to reach another level of quality.

Even if there is no name to score goals or assists But the Portuguese midfielder was elected man of the match for his playmaker role when both Eriksen and Casemiro returned together once again.

“His passing He created so many chances , ” Ferdinand commented on his UFABET  YouTube channel.

since he signed for United.

“I’m not saying he’s on the same level as Messi, nobody said Bruno was on the same level as Messi, he’s not, but only Messi is ahead of him in those stats. “

“I’m not saying he is on Messi’s level, no one is saying that Bruno is on Messi’s level, he’s not. But only Messi is above him in those stats.

“He needs Eriksen to get to that other level. The amount of easy passes he makes that are just great for teammates.”

He needs Eriksen to take it to the next level. Eriksen’s easy pass was brilliant for his team-mates.