The Premier team must play if 14 or more players are available.

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The Premier League has informed clubs that they must enter. The field if there are at least 14 players in the squad. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak

On Monday. Premier League CEO Richard Masters An urgent online meeting with representatives from the 20 teams. Has been scheduled before it is concluded that they will continue to play. In the frequent program later this year.

With Liverpool and Arsenal being the two teams to say they should postpone. But most clubs do not want to pause the league for now.

Last week the Premier League was postponed by 10 games. And the incident has raised concerns for some teams that are still playing.

As they view the situation in their own teams as being similar to those in which the ball is postponed. how much. This caused a call for transparency from the League.

At that meeting, the Premier League stipulated that from now on they will not postpone games if teams can use at least 13 first-team outfield players plus a goalkeeper.

If there are fewer than that number of players, a full number of players from the under 21 team must be drawn up. but must be a player who has started in the real big teams before

At the same time, if the club determines that a player is not available due to injury The League Medical Leader will request information to confirm this status.According to a report from ufabet.