“Wayne Rooney” is not good enough to sit as the Everton coach.

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Simon Jordan, football guru and former Crystal Palace owner, thinks Wayne Rooney is unfit to manage Everton

Which makes the manager like Rafa Benitez have to face heavy pressure to turn the situation around.

They have lost seven times in their last nine games, despite having drawn a draw against Chelsea in the past game.

Although the board still gave support to the Bull blood consultant. But it was believed that his chair was no longer stable. It has been reported that Everton have begun to look for a new manager who could replace him. And one of them had Rooney’s name included,

however, Jordan said Rooney was not yet capable of taking the job.

“This is an adult football club,” he told talkSPORT.

“They may look or act differently at times under Moshiri. They have no control over spending, youth development policies, success on the pitch. or the manager who brings success to the team.”

“But like this, it’s like bringing someone who can’t work to help someone who can’t work. What I’ve seen from following Wayne is the fact that’s reflected in his work.”

“Now you should do something simple and accept that this is adult work. He’s not the right manager for the job. He is still a rookie.”