Fofana attacked ‘Lampard’ who stirred up Chelsea

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Chelsea defender Wesley Fofana has praised Frank Lampard for using his words and club legend to restore confidence in the team. Ready to aim to show the form to prove himself for the rest of the season

“Sing the Blues” under Lampard’s team has played 3 matches, losing in a row with Fofana starting the real game. All three games

resulted in Chelsea sinking in 11th place as Lampard began to come under increasing pressure.

However, on Monday, French newspaper UFABET  published an interview with Fofana of Lampard’s relationship:

“The manager is welcomed back in the best possible way, because he is Mr Frank Lampard, a club legend.”

“Lampard told us to restore our confidence. and playing simple football again by getting back to basics.”

“Lampard’s words stirred up all of us. Because getting confidence back is what we need. And we have to remember that we are fighting for a great club

Midweek, Lampard’s team has a chance to make excuses. Champions League open house against Real Madrid after the first leg lost 2-0.

“Previously, Chelsea had a difficult season. then can grab Champions League after changing managers,” added the £70m defender.

“We can do that again in 2021, so I think that is in the DNA of the club. And there is a possibility that we will do it again this season ′

′ We know we have a bad season. And now it’s up to us to show off our talents. Because this team already has quality.