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If you like to smoke, you risk having a leaky lung!!

If you like to smoke, you risk having a leaky lung!! People who like to smoke You should observe your own symptoms. If you experience symptoms of shortness of breath, tiredness, or difficulty breathing, you should see a doctor immediately. This may be the cause of

5 body scrub recipes Cure dry, dull skin, help detox

5 body scrub recipes Cure dry, dull skin, help detox and exfoliate skin cells. Facial skin care You must nourish your body as well! Anyone whose body skin is dry, dull, has wrinkles and looks older than their age is recommended to try scrubbing your skin with

5 fruits for diabetics that can be eaten

 Fruit suitable for diabetics edible Fruit suitable for diabetics It should be a fruits that is not very sweet. low sugar content and high in fiber to help the body absorb sugar more slowly. โปรโมชั่น ufabet Caution is that eating these fruits must be eaten fresh, not through the process of

13 behaviors that hurt “liver”

The liver is an important organ in the body and performs more than 500 functions such as detoxification, blood purification, converting nutrients into energy. Storage of vitamins and minerals, etc., because the liver is so important. We should therefore turn to take care of liver health and stop behaviors

6 “low fat” foods that are good for the heart

nowadays The low fat diet has become widely popular. Because it is an important helper That allows us to control the amount of fat consumed each day. help lose weight and can help reduce the risk of developing various diseases 6 low fat diets that should be eaten 1. greens Assorted

4 The benefits of avocados

Health lovers, no one does not know “avocado“ because it is reputed to be a fruit that is very beneficial to the body. In the past, it may have been hard to find food and expensive, but nowadays it can be found easily and much cheaper than before. The taste may